Richard Iamunno


At Atlantic International Capital Digital Assets Group, Richard Iamunno is the CEO. He leads a team of experts and agents who work to help businesses find money to grow. Athletes, entertainers, and celebrities are some of the people Iamunno wants to help build their investment portfolios with digital assets like cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and asset-supported tokens, among other things. The leader of the global boutique investment industry has been Iamunno for more than 30 years, and he can help you.

Helping people and businesses figure out how to use digital assets to do business. Expanding the number of sponsorship opportunities for college athletics, especially for companies that use crypto. In his job, Richard is always looking for ways to help people and businesses navigate the exciting new world of cryptocurrency and take advantage of its game-changing power. He is excited about the new possibilities that come with investing in digital assets. When he talks about his job, he talks about mergers and acquisitions, investments, and raising money for businesses to grow.

During Richard Iamunno's time as head of AIC, the organization has reached many major milestones:
A full-service financial firm and digital asset provider, Delchain, worked with AIC to make it easier for colleges and universities to get funds that are based on digital currencies. To help educational institutions, AIC and Delchain help sponsors get the guidance, safety, and security they need to help fill in the gaps for them.